Gold Members Only Club

Membership has its privilege’s.

Owners of Our GOAT digital Collectibles

Get a Free House, this option is open to the public.

Create a free store on The House of Goat.

Collectible Holder Benefits, Rewards and discounts

  1. Phase 0 OG Goat collection - 3 free mints from Phase 3 during OG list early access.*
  2. Phase 1 Genesis GOAT collection - 2 free mints from phase 3 during Genesis list early access.*
  3. Phase 2 Genesis GOAT collection - 2 free mints from phase 3 during Genesis list early access.*
    *per goat digital collectible nft you own in your wallet.

All GOAT owners Receive

  • Free merchandise design services $598 value
  • Free Gold VIP Pass Mint
  • Early Mint access
  • Exclusive Free Mint access
  • Intellectual Property licensing opportunities.
  • Website Help Desk Priority

Discounts on H.o.G services and partner discounts.

House Key

Free mint of One House Key per GOLD VIP pass.
Use it to login to your House of Goats membership club portal.
Unlocking the following Benefits/Utilities;

  • 20% off retail  purchases on the house of goats shop
  • Access to House of Goats Wholesale Catalog.
  • 10% off wholesale bulk pricing on the house of goats wholesale catalog.
  • Wholesale catalog submission, add your own products for wholesale through the platform!
  • Have your own Trading Card Game Expansion Set within the Goats and Gods game.
  • Get your own Snowball Mountain Board Game Expansion using artwork from your project or just artwork you own.
  • Mix and Match Card games, Poker cards customized with your art. Bulk ordering available.
  • Trading Cards - Turn your collection/I.P into high quality holographic, foil, gold etched physical trading cards.
  • Submit your digital collectibles (in which you own the Intellectual Property) to our IP vault for our creators. Earn a royalty to the holding wallet when products created with your IP are sold.
  • Access to our Creators IP Vault. Use images to create products and list them on House of Goats as retail, wholesale or both.