Open your own House

Add products from other vendors, add your own hand crafted, hand made products or Contract us as a herd pass holder to design products using your I.P to your House with drop shipping. Or browse our wholesale catalog to find items to add to your store.

Easy to navigate front end and backend dashboard

Beautifully designed and intuitive UI, VIP herd pass owners also get access to our exclusive club members dashboard.

Graphic design for merchandise

How can we Help you?
$Free - $199 Includes custom designs and/or artwork submitted by you
  • Have a custom hoodie, t-shirt or a pair of shoes created using your digital artwork $99 includes hoodie
  • Have our artist create a collection of 8 custom designed products $199 includes hoodie
  • Wholesale pricing available for bulk orders of custom designed products
  • Service is free for Gold Club Members

NFT Generative Collection Art Work

How can we Help you?
$499-$7500 Includes base character, traits and variants with two revisions
  • NFT Art Work $499-$7500 plus royalties on smart contract.
  • Different artist command different fee's. But don't worry we've got one within your budget starting at $499
  • Includes Base character with 2 revisions
  • Full IP ownership of art only $999*

NFT Collection Generation

We've Got you covered, includes rarity list with score, traits list and master meta data spreadsheets.

NFT Collection Generation and Metadata

How can we Help you?
$199-$1599 Includes images, metadata and extras
  • Basic Package 1-999 NFTs $199
  • Intermediate Package 1000-4999 NFTs $599
  • Pro Package 5000-10K NFTs $1599
  • +5% royalty on smart contract

Board Game and Trading Card Design

Collection owner looking to expand your product line?

Board Game and Trading Card Design

How can we Help you?
$899-$2999 Includes samples, minimum order 100 units, price reduction every 100 additional units.
  • White Label Trading Card Game, Complete Game with UPC code $899 plus 5% royalty
  • White Label Snowball Mountain Board Game, Complete game with UPC code $899 plus 5.8% royalty
  • Ground Up Board Game design, Complete game with UPC code $2999 plus 5% royalty
  • Set of Trading Cards for your collection. Foil, Gold Etched, Holographic versions and more. price varies