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Table Top games, Trading card game, Board game, Plushy Toys are exclusively available as mintables! Mint and Redeem your physical products today.

Battle, Conquer and Rule across infinite dimensions in “Relic Quest: Masters of the Metaverse” the Trading Card Game. Unleash your strategic Might and become the ultimate interdimensional champion!

Alpha starter packs Available Now to mint on Ethereum. Follow instructions on mint page to redeem your physical set of cards!

Battle villain’s of all types, Sweti Yetis, Angry Apes, Lazy Apepes, Bad Teddy Bears, Armies of Goats to become the first to scale snowball mountain.

A Table Top board game designed for the entire family. Enjoy a friendly snowball fight your next game night!

Ages 6 and up
TTP: 15-20m
Official Release Date: TBA

Webi3als come from all over the metaverse, different species, different history’s all to be together and enjoy a carefree life. 

Out Now; Goat, Zebra
Coming Soon; Pit Bull, Dog, Cat, Cow, Lion, Llama, Panda +3 unannounced.

Webi3als are 8″ plushy toys perfect for the little one. Each one comes with a QR tag pointing back to the online collectible.

Mint is live for webi3als. Mint 2 of the same webi3al and claim a physical plushy of that webi3al. Delivery 45-60 days after mint out. Current quantity/characters available; 111/Goat, 111/Zebra